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Deflesia Campaign Guide; A D&D 3.5 Campaign
Topic Started: Mar 1 2008, 12:06 AM (2,649 Views)
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Hello, I have finally finished the first version of my new Campaign, Deflesia. There is a decent bit of information in the packet, as it was made for the players. As the description from the packet says:


A large world with many interesting encounters, large continents to explore, and an enriched history, Deflesia provides a consistent world in which to play many great adventures. Deflesia is complex world of political intrigue involving despotic governments, kings, barons, dragons, aristocrats, and more. A beautiful land of spring wonderlands, grassy plains and meadows, placid lakes, hot savannas, dusty deserts, rough mountain ranges, freezing tundras, and harsh seas, Deflesia is always full of new environments for exploration. Towns full of interesting and unique locals, sprawling cities,secluded villages, and dungeons provided settings to remember. Deflesia is an exciting world where surprises can come from anywhere and situations can twist and turn into amazingly different encounters.

I hope to create an accurate world map, but it is always nice to let DM's create their own... Anyway, feel free to post your comments and/or questions. This is my 3 campaign, the previous ones being Luminos and Hisurion.
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