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New Project: INKSN

Posted by techwizrd (Admins) at Oct 19 2008, 10:31 PM. 2 comments

I have recently created a social network called INKSN. It's a niche social network built for anime fans and manga addicts. This is just a notice that it is a project associated with bluedevs (although I don't expect any of you to dev for it). Those of you who do enjoy the anime genre in general should give it a try and join as we always need new members.

Counting down to Bluedevs Anniversary

Posted by techwizrd (Admins) at Sep 28 2008, 08:44 PM. 0 comments

The 2nd anniversary of bluedevs, October 11th, looms closer. It will soon be time for me to make my stupid speech about how much progress we have made and how much exciting development we have done. I'm going to have a lot of fun staring at my blank text editor, wont I?

Anyway, I hope I am not asking too much. Every bluedevs member, administrator, and moderator should visit the bluedevs forum atleast once every two days. Inform any bluedevs member who has not heard about it yet, like MushroomDude, Jesin, etc.

Let's start growing this community once more and bring development back into focus.

I personally have started work on Mechas Robo again and am posting a model as well as screenshots immediately after this post. I am also posting planning on scanning the three completed pages of the webcomic ASAP.

I am hoping that once a week, all the bluedevs admin can get together on IM or some other service so that week can discuss the current happenings on bluedevs and plans for the future. We can use Inkscape Pedro (Inkscape Whiteboard) for diagrams and etc. and Inkscape's built in XMPP functions to discuss. Whatever we decide to do, we need to discuss bluedev's future. (Almost reminds me of Lord of the Flies...)

bluedevs OpenID!

Posted by techwizrd (Admins) at Apr 24 2008, 01:16 AM. 0 comments

Bluedevs is always trying to give its users new features and now we finally have OpenID. BLuedevs now offers OpenID to any bluedevs user or developer who requests it.

OpenID is a secure user-crentric identification system in which your are identified by your URI. Instead of having to visit a website and creat an account and memorize countless usernames and password, one can use OpenID.

When you visit a website that allows users to login with their OpenID, you enter in your OpenID (like openid.bluedevs.net/techwizrd). Your OpenID provider will popup a window asking you if you want to Allow Forever, Allow Once, or Deny access to your OpenID and subsequently create an account at that site. In addition, each OpenID can have mutiple personas (school, work, blender, programming, linux, etc.) and may proivde different information for each persona. If one went to a Linux site that uses OpenID (such as OSSpinions), one could send a specialized profile with information pertaining to Linux or FOSS only and leave out unnecesary or personal information.

OpenID makes browsing the web easy and fast and helps users create a lasting identitiy that doesn't go down if one company goes down. OpenID has already been implemented by many large companies including Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft as well as other smaller companies.

If you would like a bluedevs OpenID, please send and email to theninj@Bluedevs.net with the following template in plaintext. HTML email will be deleted immediately.

Spoiler: click to toggle

An invitation email will be sent to you that will include an activiation URL. Your OpenID will be 'openid.bluedevs.net/USERNAME'. If you would like to use your website URL or blog URL as your OpenID, please inser this HTML snippet between the <head> tags. Replace USERNAME with your OpenID username.
Code: HTML

<link rel="openid.server" href="http://openid.bluedevs.net/server" />
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="http://openid.bluedevs.net/USERNAME" />

if I inserted this snippet onto mydomain.com, I could use mydomain.com as my OpenID.

New Themes and More Development

Posted by techwizrd (Admins) at Mar 25 2008, 10:11 PM. 12 comments

I decided that the board looked like crap. So I added a buch of themes which can all be chose through the theme selector at the bottom of the page. I also removed a few themes, but they either didn't work right or were ugly. How do you like the new themes?

I added:

  • Beautiful Elegance
  • Byte
  • Ice Blue
  • Optical Reach
  • Orange and Black with a Hat
  • Silver Bullet

On another note, Megas Robo development is starting up again. I will try to have some sketches done. Can we finalize the basic storyline and get people working designing, modeling, texturing, programming, and etc. ? Or will the projec die a second time?

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